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Say "Yes" Today

Volunteer Opportunities

LifeLink volunteers help support our mission and encourage others to make a life-saving decision by registering as an organ and tissue donor.

Become a Volunteer

Select a volunteer training class in your area and follow the steps to complete your on-line application. It’s that simple!

  • LifeLink is in search of people interested in sharing the importance of organ and tissue donation. We encourage donor families, transplant recipients, living donors, care givers, and friends to join us in saving lives. Anyone can help promote and educate about donation!

    Examples of Ways You Can Get Involved Include:

    • Community Outreach & Education
    • Health Fairs
    • Public Speaking
    • Drivers License Office Visits
    • Hospital Education
    • High School & College Education
    • Administrative Projects
  • LifeLink offers a variety of opportunities to help share the lifesaving message of organ and tissue donation with the community. Here are a few ways:

    Donation Information Tables: Share the message with groups large and small.

    Speaking Engagements: Nothing expresses the power of donation and transplantation like the personal testimonials of those who have experienced it. Those stories help save lives. We speak with civic groups, high schools, colleges, hospitals, driver license offices, and many other organizations to share the life-saving message of organ donation.

    In-Office Opportunities: Volunteer alongside us at the office.

    Virtual Volunteering: Online opportunities to volunteer from home.

    Special Events: Help out at special events to promote the Donate Life cause.

  • Join the cause to help save lives through organ and tissue donation!

    Use the link to select a date and attend a volunteer training session where you will learn more about LifeLink, the donation process, organ and tissue donation facts and our current volunteer opportunities. After selecting a date you will be asked to complete our on-line application.