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05/15/1997 - 7/20/2020
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"We miss U Most when... We hear 'Lil Peep, When we see kewl tattoos, When we look at "Starry Night" by Van Gogh, & when theres some "kind"..."

this is for bubba

I wish I was there, I could have stopped you


I don’t even know where to start but I’m trying to find peace & I hope you finally found peace with the world, with yourself.

You had the longest run in the shortest time.

You were invincible.

But shit happens so now I will be, for you.

every moment

every smile

every laugh

every spark.

you will be remembered…never forgotten

I mean we would never forget someone with the most eccentric yet beautiful soul

The memories of us, will never fade.

The memory of you is oh so vivid.

one day we will see each other again, I promise

You’re up there with lil peep, right?

send me a video of the concerts when you get the chance.

I love you


love is and shall be forever unconditional.


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