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December 27, 1988 - June 3, 2020
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"My Beautiful Blue eye'd boy, William..He was full of LOVE and Kindness .William was a huge help to our family..Always asking "what can I do to help? "

  1. William was a baby brother to 2 older Sisters..both big Sissy’s loved caring for Billy when he arrived home from the hospital on New Years eve of 1988..William was a busy and very vivacious child..always busy TINKERING with bikes and electronics..as he grew, nature became his world..taking a # of our beloved dogs on camping and hiking trips throughout UpState New York..William had a very loving and tender heart..always looking to help out where he could, be it, just sitting quietly talking of outside doing yard chores for his beloved Grandma and Grandpa. He was an Uncle to 7 niece’s and nephews..the children would SCREAM Unca Billy UNCA BILLY..He joyfully got down and let the children jump and tug at him in hopes of the fun loving games or attention Billy played with them..today the children yell out whenever a butterfly or dragon fly arrive, Unca Billy is visiting us..William loved the water..he spent hours on the riverbanks or lakes of New York..He had learned carpentry skills through his father’s teaching and worked side by side with his Dad in NY until he came to SW Florida to reside closer to his Mother and persue work on the canals and waterways to the Gulf of Mexico..William was fascinated by the power and might of the crystal blue waters if the gulf of Mexico..he spent time at the beach, exhausting himself playing in the water..He helped others who suffered through addiction, inviting them to Find a new way if living sober. William was kind and caring and very protective of those he loved and cared for..He is missed by many but often thought if with big smiles on our faces..I miss hearing William saying 100 times a day, I love you, Ma..I know you do, Billy, I love you, too..Momma

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