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2/18/1972 - 5/25/2017
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"Todd- your smile, jokes, laughter, kind heart and gentle touch will never be forgotten."

Todd was a very kind hearted loving man. He loved life and lived it to his fullest. on weekends you could always find him riding his motorcycle, fishing or just sitting on the patio relaxing drinking a beer and listening to music after a hard week of work. He was always willing to help a friend or even people he didnt know, he loved to engage himself in conversation weather he know the person or not he was just a people person. He also loved reading and would love to share his knowledge with anyone who would listen, he would spend hours at night reading articles of all sorts of stuff on his phone. Chicken… my husband loved his chicken, didnt matter how it was cooked but his favorive was fried chicken with hot sauce. He loved to make people laugh and he was a pro at it, being around family made him very happy and he was very excited that the past few years we were able to spend more time with his family that live out of state. He would always tell me ..”Lifes to short to worry you never know when your gonna go” well he was right about that, we never really do know.

I will say that being married to Todd was the best years of my life. We were always happy and were each others rock, best friend and soulmate. True love only comes once in a life time and we were each others for sure and though we only had a short time together I have momories that will last me a life time.

Todd worked for Trinity Air in Peachtree City,Ga he was a heating and Air technician he was been doing heating and air for over 20 years and was very good atr what he did. He will be miss and loved by many of us.

Todd is no longer with us in this life but he is now reunited with his Mom and his brother, and I know he will be watching over us as we continue our journey through this life.



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