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5/15/1965 - 2/28/2012
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"To my sweet sister who through out life always wanted to help others and continues..."

My sweet sissy “Tee”…

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Celebrate the Life of
Tina Martin Bell

Celebrating the Life of Tina Martin Bell

Missy Wiggins Oct 27 2017

Tina & me staying up long hours of the night talking & her helping me take care of Sam. I love & miss u Tina, so very much!!

Crystal Wooden Oct 27 2017

My memory of my cousin Tina is us sneaking into the shed at granddads house and taking ice cold Coca Colas from the fridge. Right Missy.

Scotty Law Oct 27 2017

She was so pretty yet had no idea of how beautiful she was. No matter what she was dealing with, she could make you laugh about it.

Gayle Oct 27 2017

I remember days at Magnolia Manor when no matter what mood I was in, Tina always made the day better. She was always happy and cheerful.

Tommy bishop Oct 27 2017

My baby girl you will always be a part of me I am so proud of you I will see you again in God's house I love you

Judy Martin Brock Oct 27 2017

When she looked at Seth you could see just how much she loved him!!He was the light of her life!! You will be missed greatly Tina.

Nichole Oct 27 2017

Tina will live on, Lives will be created, new generations will be formed because of the tender Love, of Tina and her family.

Kathy Bishop Oct 27 2017

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