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May 31, 2003 - November 21, 2022
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"Thomas loved life and was loved by many. "

Thomas was committed to fitness and health.  As a result, many lives were saved with organs that the doctors described as “perfect and will last his donors a lifetime”.   Thomas is a hero.

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Celebrate the Life of
Thomas Manning

Thomas I would like to have the opportunity to tell you how special you are to us in our family to have given you one more hug, I want you to know that I am very proud of you and grateful for having loved my daughter so much, all this is not the end of your life is to go on…because you will save many lives with your generosity we love you thomas you will always live in my heart son. Gisela Martinez

gisela martinez Nov 23 2022

Thomas was the love of my life and best friend at the same time. He knew how to make me laugh even when I didn’t want to, he truly cared about me and the love that we had for each other was so strong it was crazy. I will never forget the first time we hung out. It was not planned, we had been texting all day then ended up meeting at the gym that night. I got in his car and we went to Walmart together. For some strange reason I got bananas and he got a new bottle of body wash. After that, we went to Taco Bell and ate in the car. While we were in the car eating, he showed me his Spanish music playlist that he already had on his phone. I couldn’t believe that he already liked Mexican music even before we started hanging out. He was so unique and perfect. Then we decided to just drive around until we ended up in the middle of nowhere and stayed there all night talking for hours. It was so weird because we had such a strong connection from the start and we felt like we knew each other so good already when it was barely our first time hanging out. He was a blessing in my life and I always made sure to tell him that. Forever grateful for you and I will love you forever mi amor.?

Julie Reyes Nov 23 2022

So grateful Tom entered my life. He filled a void in my life and for that I’m so so thankful. He got me through so much and brought me so much joy in my life and to others as well. He’s my brother forever and Always ?

Bryson Dowdy Nov 23 2022

Thomas manning was my best friend. I first met Tom through the gym. That then led to a relationship where we considered ourselves brothers. Tom took his health very serious. That lead to numerous families getting phones call that their kid now has a chance at life. Forever in our hearts. Our hero. Thomas (Tom) manning.

Jacob White Nov 23 2022

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