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9/10/1996 - 6/21/2013
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"Very loving, caring, and would help anyone. Always had a beautiful smile on her face."

Theresa Erin Bridges was our second oldest daughter, out of four beautiful daughters. Theresa was a very loving young lady very respectful of her elders. She never like to see anyone sad or upset, if you was she would go out of her way to cheer you up. Everyone that she came in contact with remember her for her smile, it would brighten up anyone day. She would talk to everyone and anyone. Just like her Grandpa Bridges. She was soft spoken until you got to know her. She was going into her second year of high school and she was so excited about that. In school she also was involved in JR. ROTC Program. Where she became apart of a big family that all stuck together. She made so many more friends. She spent many nights shining her shoes ironing her uniform. She even had her hair cut a little shorter so that it would not touch her collar. And when it was her favorite time of the year. She was ready for her favorite sport that was softball for the Rec. Department. She was asked several times about playing for her high school… And she was thinking about doing it this past year. This season at the rec.department would have been her third and final year of playing. Instead her fourteen year old sister played on the team this year. And the team really took her under their wings… The coaches had a tribute to Theresa put on their jersey. It was a softball in the shape of a heart with her name and jersey number from last year put on all the girls jerseys. The team dedicated this softball season to her. They said that Theresa was their Angel in the outfield. They got first place in reg. Season and they also got first place in their post season tournament. It was an honor to know that she was thought of that much.

We never knew just how many people that she had touched until the time of her viewing. We was still get cards, sympathy, prayer, two hours after the viewing was supposed to be over. The funeral home said that her funeral was the largest one that they have ever had housed. There was well over four hundred people there. They were everywhere. We was overwhelmed by how many people lives that she had touched. We never thought it was possible. We found out just how much she was loved, and not only by us. Since her plans was to stay in ROTC throughout her high school years. Then wanted to attend a college that also had the same program. And after her school was over. She was then going to enter into the military. With us knowing that we decided then that she deserved to have a Military funeral. It was what we thought she would have loved. We also had everyone that came to the viewing to sign her casket as her final collection of signatures. She use to always have people sign different things for her.

She will forever be loved and missed by all that knew her. Especially her family. We love and miss you our Beautiful Angel Theresa Erin Bridges 09/10/1996 – 06/21/2013……..

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Celebrate the Life of
Theresa Erin Bridges

Celebrating the Life of Theresa Erin Bridges

Pat, Michelle Bridges Oct 27 2017

Me and Theresa would dance before school in the rain.

Anonymous Oct 27 2017

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