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7/18/1972 - 5/25/2017
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"Sonia Zavala was a amazing wife mother and grandmother 07/18/1972-05/25/2017"

Sonia Zavala was an amazing wife,mother,grandmother and friend anyone could ask for. Words can’t describe the amazing person our mother was she was awesome to have around an amazing person to spend time with and always a blast to joke and play with.Words cannot describe the pain and hurt in our hearts that we have right now but what does bring joy to all of us is the fact that she was able to help save life’s and lives in others something my mother would have wanted. I know that she knows how much my father loved and loves her and how hard it has been on us to except the fact that she is gone our hearts are so heavy at the loss of an amazing women. Time will heal our pain and i know that she will forever be looking down on us she has left many memories here on earth with us something we are able to embrace look back on and remember all the good things we were able to experience with my mom I want you to know mom we love and miss u and not a day goes by that we don’t think about you. You we’re and are our rock we will always carry u in our hearts and always think about you we love u with all of our hearts and may god give my dad sisters and brothers the strength to overcome all this hurt and pain just know that we will always love you to the moon and back my love! God is good though at times we think life is so unfair it’s not it’s god will. God has a purpose for all of us and her job here on earth was finished he needed her up there with him and one day we will reunite with them.

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