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September 2, 1996-January 24,2021
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"Sarah lived her 24 years of life to the fullest, and we hope the recipients of her organ donations will be able to do the same!! "

Our daughter was the most selfless, kind, and happy person you would ever meet!! This showed in the short 24 years that she lived on this earth!  She had just started her career as a nurse, a lifelong dream of hers, that she was able to fulfill, if only for three weeks! She loved traveling and was able to go to more places then most people her age! You know you’re a special person when even your daycare friends, the cashier at the local store, and your banker remember what a kind person she was. Smiling and being happy was her motto, and like she always said, “it is too much trouble to be angry.” Her smile is what people will most remember about her as she could light up any room she went into. She truly loved and lived her life to the fullest and like she always used to say “just do it because you only live once….#yolo!!



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