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1/7/1983 - 11/14/2016
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"In loving memory of my wonderful wife. I miss you so much"

When I met Samantha, she was such a prim and proper country belle coming into my work for a few drinks. I never would have guessed the life she had to go through. She was looking for a friend to be by her side and found me. We knew we loved each other that night . we walked and talked for hours and ended the night with a hug and a pack of crackers . i never felt good enough for Samantha because no one could love as much as her.the most i did was save the pack of crackers she gave me and on our first anniversary i gave her a box with them in them and I told her”everything you will ever give me is important to me” and she gave me so much . two wonderful children (though they are monsters) and the feeling of true unconditional love. She has left a lasting impression on everyone she has met and is irreplaceable. I am so bad with words and all I want to do through this whole thing is hold my love because when I was sad I would hold her. She would never knew I hugged her when I was sad because I kept it to myself so that she only had happy in her life. But she deserved more than that and I wanted to give her more. She was to worried about others to be there for herself .

her biggest goal and accomplishment was her first born ,Ethan, because she never thought she could conceive . when she found out she lit up. Until he was able to talk back then he was her little monster, always talking back and being sassy like she was . her life were the kids and me , and she was ours . We love you Samantha and miss you so much



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