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March 21, 1966 - January 29, 2019
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"This is dedicated to my father and all the lives he touched throughout his life and will touch through his passing."

My dad was a free spirit. He was a father to 8 children and had 11 grandkids that he loved to spoil. There was never a dull moment around him, he loved to joke, laugh and loved everyone he met. Dad never met a stranger. To know him was to know joy, kindness and simplicity. Some of his favorite things included slot machines, fishing, hunting and classic rock and roll. No man is perfect and he had his struggles in this world but he never left us. He was always there to lend an ear and give whatever advise or possessions he had if he knew it would help. He will forever remain in our hearts. -Tiffany

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Richard Lee


Angela Mar 19 2019

Where do I start…… As said, we all have and have had our struggles and faults that some of us will never understand. Some stories I must keep to myself, although I will say he never seemed to let life slow him down that I recall. Richard asked if I’d help him change out a motor when I was 14, here I am today @ 43 still doing my own mechanic work. From transmission rebuilding to wiper blades, I asked once why don’t you just have somebody do it for you and he laughed is there a place like he thought I was joking. Jim

James Bellew Mar 19 2019

My daddy was my world. His heart was the biggest.. He was a very down to earth person and wasnt afraid to say or act any kind of way, I guess that’s where I get my spunk from ?.. when i think of him and the way he was it makes me smile.. He loved so many and even loved the ones who always put him down.. If one thing I learned from him is to live free and always forgive.. I dont no why God took him.. he was so needed here.. life with out him is so hard. But I no he Is standing next to me saying baby I’m right here. And it brings me comfort. He was the kind of man that always had to be busy doing something fixing something, helping someone.. he loved eagles, it was his spirit animal.. our family was his world.. he had his flaws as we all do but the good over weighed his bad..he worried to much.. he hated to be a burden on anyone.. I always told him you took care of me daddy when I needed u the most now it was my turn to care for you.. I told him out of everywhere in the world if he didn’t feel like he had any place to call home he always had one with me. The life I seen in him before he left brings me happiness because I got to see the man I always knew once again..I love u so much daddy I’ll hold u close til I see u again.. Love u your daughter Laria.

Laria vides Mar 17 2019

If you ever had any car trouble Richard was the man of the hour. He helped fix mine on many occasions. Loved to laugh, drink and be happy. He was also a father figure to Jr. And Jr loved him dearly. He will be missed. He was a blessing to have as a friend. He would help anyone that needed it. RIP Richard

Angela Anguiano Feb 08 2019

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