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January 15, 1990 - May 10, 2018
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"Dedicated to a man that is missed. He lived his life with honor and touched so many lives."

My son died in an unexpected car accident.  The tragic loss was devastating to his family and friends.  He was veteran and served his country proudly in Afghanistan as a combat medic. The out pouring of love at his memorial service served as a testament to the life he lead.  He touched the life of so many.   

He was an athletic person and loved to run and work out at the gym. He loved music, played the piano, keyboard and guitar.  He was attending school to pursue a nursing career.  His service dog was always well cared for and was fantastic companion.  He had many nieces and nephews who will carry their uncle in their hearts.

I am proud he was able to be a donor.  He would have wanted to help others.  Although the loss is overwhelming at this time, I do feel blessed to have part of him live on by his organ donations.

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