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2/27/1987 - 3/15/2016
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"This Tribute is dedicated to Our Sister, Daughter, and Mother Rhonda Maria Lavant."

Rhonda was a Wonderful Free Spirited person who always gave others even before she gave herself. She was 29 years old and a Mother of 6 Beautiful children, 5 boys and 1 girl. Rhonda would do anything to help anyone. She always kept that Big Pretty smile on her face even when she was not feeling her best. Family was the most important thing in her life. I know that she is smiling down on us knowing she helped so many people. It makes all of us smile knowing her spirit lives on and that possibly things she wanted to do while she was here, she is able to do now through her recipients. Places she was never able to travel to she will now be able to go through her recipients. Rhonda was baptized 1 month and 2 weeks before her passing, so although we loved Rhonda with all of our hearts, GOD loved her more. We hope that this brings you the same joy that we’ve had for the past 29 years with Rhonda. To all the recipients Live Everyday like it’s your last because tomorrow is never promised.

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