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January 6, 1980 - August 26, 2019
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"The raddest Dad. Talented and creative musician. Loyal and compassionate friend. Self-proclaimed comedian who just didn't get his "break" yet. :)"

Pete Maturi was a passionate, creative, driven soul who was loved by so many people. He was a strong, hard-working and intelligent man, incredible father; bold and sarcastic, he possessed a dark sense of humor, and he loved to make people laugh. His personality was huge and he was one of the most loving and compassionate men I’ve ever met; he was definitely a great husband.

Whatever he put his mind to, he made it happen and Pete accomplished a lot of things in his short life. As a teen, Pete taught himself to play instruments (drums, guitar, bass) all by ear, and turned out to be an incredible musician who created his own unique sound. His bands, Swarm of the Lotus (1998-2010) and Graven (2010-2019) were a huge part of his life for many years, where he accomplished a few personal music goals and was an integral part of creating some great albums that will live on. Music was medicinal for Pete, and it showed in his passion for it.

It’s hard to put such a big personality into words, but Pete left an impression on everyone who knew him and he will never be forgotten by those who love him. He gave me the gift of our daughter, in which he will always live and we will never let his spirit die in our hearts.



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Peter Maturi

It's been a year and one month since you've been gone. Your death has definitely changed life for us, and we still mourn the absence of you every single day. As we slowly adapt to our new reality and our insane world, I miss your presence and your companionship so much. I miss your cooking, your ridiculousness, your work stories; I miss your laugh, your smile, even your little annoying ways that drove me crazy. I miss all of it. I miss your big, strong hugs, I'm sad that I'll never get to feel another one of those again. I miss hearing you practice the same riffs over and over on your guitar until you nailed it. I miss seeing you walk around the porch corner when you got home from work. I miss seeing your interactions with our daughter... she misses you so badly, I wish you knew just how important you are to her and how much she still needed you. I wish you would have seen it before you decided to walk into that garage that day. It simultaneously feels like you've been gone forever, and like you just left us yesterday. I know it will never go back to normal, but this new reality is pretty sad. I hate that you're gone. I remember how you'd always ask me, "Would you miss me if I died?" and I'd get annoyed because you asked that question too much, but I'd always give you the same answer... Yes. Of course I would. And it's still the same answer. Yes, I do. I miss you terribly.

Niki Maturi Sep 30 2020

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