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5/29/1971 - 7/4/2014
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"Patrick Butz was a loving husband, Father, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Best friend, and Friend."

Patrick was an amazing husband and father to our children. Patrick was an Auto Mechanic by trade specializing in AC work but could do it all and did for 25 plus years. There was very little that Patrick couldn’t fix or upgrade under the hood of a car or the roof of a house, and leave you with a smile even if you didn’t want to smile before. Patrick experienced a great deal in his short time on earth but he evolved into such a wise and wonderful man. He was truly happy with the life he built for himself. Patrick was no stranger to hard times and he loved to help those in true need of his help. I knew his death would be nothing short of that. Patrick now lives on through myself, our amazing children, beautiful granddaughter, his parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and 4 strangers. Its only fitting, I was proud of him when he was alive and now I am just as proud of the Angel he currently is and the legacy he left behind. We all only wish for more time with him and would give anything for that time. Patrick always told us when asking why in regards to anything that”Everything happens for a reason.” we are left remembering him saying that with complete confidence. The world and our own little worlds have lost a beautiful soul

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Celebrate the Life of
Patrick Butz

Celebrating the Life of Patrick Butz

April Butz Oct 27 2017

We all miss you so much every day. But we will never question Gods' will. Just know we cherish the time we had with you.

Mom, Dad, and Family Oct 27 2017

I can't even describe the impact he had on me,he was my second dad.I miss you & love you! I'll see you soon?

Samantha Folsom Oct 27 2017

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