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6/23/1998 - 11/11/2016
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"For our much loved son, brother and friend, Parker Timothy Hayes"

Life Is Too Short To Be In A Bad Mood. Parker Hayes 2016

This is how my son ended his college essay, and it says a lot about his character. Parker was a joyful person and sought to bring happiness to others. Every day he made the choice to be happy and to look for ways to bring a smile to someone else’s face.

Parker was on the precipice of adulthood. He had turned 18, he was a senior in high school applying to college and he voted for the first time in a presidential election.

He was a scholar of many things, politics, survival skills, knife making, World War II history, finance, business and particularly entrepreneurialism. He had many paths to choose from in life and we were excited to see where he went.

Parker was a man of his convictions. When he saw something that wasn’t right he didn’t just complain about it, he did something about it. He researched solutions, shared his knowledge, garnered support and led the charge to right the wrong.

In our family he was the one we could count on to say something funny or to have some silly quirk that he would explain in the most rational terms. He brought a light heartedness and a light to our everyday lives.

Parker’s interests were many, but recently he had taken up theater and began participating in school plays. His first character was The Wizard in, The Wizard of Oz. He had such a great time becoming his character. He practiced until he knew his lines flawlessly and turned in a great performance. We could not have been more proud of our boy in the green suit, behind the curtain.

We hope that Parker’s organ donations provide life and happiness for his recipients. We hope a little of Parker’s personality has been transferred along with the organs, because we know life was a little bit better every day that Parker was in it.

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