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12/17/1986 - 08/04/2020
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"Michael Wayne Brown was a person whom would help anyone he could. Great father,son,brother, uncle and cousin. And a friend. Could do anything."

Michael was a momma’s boy always lived with are very close to me. I used to have to wake him up for work. Even at his own house. He graduated excelsior  springs Job Corp with a degree in electrical. He was my son that took care of everything for me. My lawn, house repairs, macanic,mover,snow, towing. If you needed anything he was there. He was divorced with one son, Micheal. He was living with me helping with fixing the house I’m buying and the children I adopted. I don’t know how I’ll do it all by myself. I need him everyday. He was murdered helping someone. He was my getting old plan. He would take care of me when I couldn’t. I didn’t realize how much he done for our family. I wish he knew how proud I am that he was my son. And how much I truly loved him. He was and is irreplaceable. No one like him.

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