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4/2/1995 - 6/27/2015
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"Angel Eyes Your beauty laughter personality Charisma love for life lives on in those you selflessly are helping. "Forever Ours Baby Girl""

Marissa Marie, you are the smartest, most caring and loving daughter & sissy that anyone could dream of having. Twenty short years with loving you was just not enough. Our once complete and perfect puzzle we had created is now forever broken into a million and one pieces. Every way I try to put this puzzle back together the pieces just don’t fit the way they should, one will always be forever missing.

You inspired so many people with your motivation, drive, and determination to succeed by showing you can do what you set your mind to. We are left with the memories of your accomplishments, love, smile, laughter, and charisma that brought out the best in everyone around you.

You graduated from college before even graduating from high school and did it with a 4.74 gpa and top medical academy student, a testament of how important your success was to you. The nursing world will be short one amazing nurse because you would have made such a difference in this world with the love of helping others you had in you.

Your passion of riding was like no other, the freedom you felt on those hard and stressful days of working in cardiac care saving others lives and being a full time nursing student in your last semester always staying focused on school, work and family makes us so proud.

There will never be a day that goes by that we don’t cherish every moment we were given to spend with you. Your selfless gift of giving your organs to others will never go unnoticed. There are just no words that can truly express the sadness, loneliness, emptiness that we will always feel without you by our sides. The link in our family chain will always be broken, our puzzle will forever be missing a piece, but our love for you will never stop growing.

Too the moon back and beyond with all our hearts forever and always baby girl. Until we walk together hand in hand again you will always be the broken link and missing puzzle piece that will never be replaced.

A life too short, a love no greater will always be with us. We love you forever, We love you for always, forever our baby girl you will be!!! Love Mommy, Daddy, Brendan (Hobo), & Evan (Peewee)



Celebrate the Life of
Marissa Marie Younk

Celebrating the Life of Marissa Marie Younk

Lisa Younk Oct 27 2017

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