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July 23,1968 - April 19,2019
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"Lori was such an amazing Lady. She loved people and loved Life. She would do anything to help others."

  • lori was such an amazing young lady. She loved the outdoors. She loved to travel and see all she can see. She thrived on God’s ground. She seemed to get most of her energy from the water, she didn’t care if it was a creek, a river, a Brook, a lake or the ocean. She especially loved the ocean. It was calming and soothing to her. She adored her 3 children..her daughter Danielle (16) her 2 sons Conrad (14) & Steven (12). They were her Life. She was such an amazing mom! They completed her. She was the most amazing auntie… auntie Lulu. All her neices and nephews loved her so much,she is so deeply missed by each and every one. Lori was such a great sister…she was the baby of the family and she used it to her advantage..she was so funny and so silly. She was a great daughter to our parents. She was daddy’s baby and mom’s babygirl. After the passing of our mother she missed her so very much and now she is with our mom playing in the dirt, getting her hand all dirty with our mom planting the most amazing flowers. Lori loved to play in God’s dirt planting flowers and vegetables. She loved animals, she had the kindest heart for animals. She had so much compassion for God’s creations. Lori would walk into a room and just light up the whole room with her amazing personality and her beautiful smile. She would talk to every single person whether she knew you or not, her laugh was so contagious! We love her so so much. She will never be forgotten we will always keep her alive, she will always be in our hearts, in our thoughts forever. Her wishes to be a donor has been honored. Please see what she saw, enjoy Life to the fullest.. climb the highest mountains, play in the waters and don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty. I love you Lori Lee Leialoha!

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