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September 16, 2001 - June 13, 2020
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"Levi was a fun-loving, social, free-spirited soul who loved diversity, exploration and serving as a peace maker. His greatest joy was being a brother."

Levi was a fun-loving, social, free-spirited soul who passed away unexpectedly from a traumatic brain injury.  And today his loving soul lives on with the gift of life through organ donation, blessing seven individuals and their families.

Levi loved diversity, exploration and serving as a peace maker among his friends.  His faithful soul was inquisitive, curious and all-loving.   At the age of 4 he greeted his brother, Nathan, with overwhelming joy.  Through the years he served to protect, share and teach his brother about life.  Their bond is like no other, heart to heart.

Levi’s spirit lived life without limits, convention or discrimination.  He thoroughly enjoyed his friends/family, sports and companionships.  Levi lived with courage, strength and integrity.  His faith and wish for world peace live on today.

Levi is survived by his parents, Trent and Julie; his brother, Nathan; his grandparents, John and Sandy Eckhardt & Art and Carol Pfitzinger; his uncles, Tory Eckhardt, Rick/Brian/David Pfitzinger; his many cousins, close friends, coaches and his beloved dog, Buddy.

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Levi Eckhardt

I remember the forts Levi used to build, inside the house and in the backyard with his brother and friends. His favorite toys and videos, from Thomas the Train to Scooby Doo. He loved the outdoors, exploring the woods and dressing in camo. His greatest delight in the world was when his little brother, Nathan was born -- the light of his life. He will forever live on in our hearts and above us in guiding protection. We love and miss you Levi! Love Always, mom

Levi Eckhardt Sep 22 2020

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