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7/6/2015 - 9/22/2017
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"I dedicate this to my Wonderful Blue eyed Baby boy. He will forever remain in my heart."

Kolton James Harper, Was the age of 2! His accident will forever taunt me with the one question”Why?” My sweet baby Kolton always brought laughter, smiles and sweet giggles everywhere we went! A day didn’t go by where he didn’t laugh his little heart out! He was loving son, grandson and big brother! He will always remain in our hearts as we live each and everyday! He was the sweetest yet, sneakest little BOOGER I’ve ever laid eyes on! Kolton loved his cars and dinosaurs sooo much! He would play for days! He learned quiet alot within his short lifetime. Everywhere he went he always left a memory! My heart breaks each and everyday! God needed my son for whatever reason, but I’m thankful for the time I was given with him. I don’t have memories, I have keepsakes! Kolton loved the outdoors. He also loved animals and especially his friends! His hair was as blonde as ever! You could spot him from a mile away! A little boy full of Love and giggles! One day I will reunite with my baby, but until then we must take each day by day and step and step! As for I have a beautiful angel watching over me.

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Kolton Harper

Kolton James Harper was my grandson. He saved my life as I was at a dark place. I got sober and pieced myself back together once more. He brought such joy and happiness to me. He gave me strength to push forward when I felt like giving up. His laughter was soul touching and those big beautiful blue eyes were absolutely gorgeous, he had dimples for days. I for one will never forget what he was to me and how much he meant to his grannie and pa (Shannon Jewell). Oh how he loved his pa, which wasn’t his blood pa but you couldn’t tell them that. He loved pa and Pa loved him. I recall when I would be on the phone with his pa and he would crawl then soon he’d be walking by me and hear his pa on the phone he’d head straight for me and take my phone he just had to talk to his pa. He was the bright light that shined no matter where he was. Everyone had to speak to him as they passed, it didn’t matter if they were strangers or not. He loved everyone and to him nobody was a stranger. He will be missed by so many including a great deal to myself and Pa. Now he brings light to the Heavens above and we have one handsome Angel waiting for us. Until we meet again my baby loves grannie will keep your memory alive and therefore you will live forever. Shine down on us all for we need to feel you near. I will miss you every day that I live. Live Always, Grannie (Michelle Thomas Jewell)

Michelle Thomas Jewell Oct 07 2018

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