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January 23, 1998 - August 6, 2018
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"In Loving Memory of Killian A. Soule - Son, Brother, Family and Friend) Isaiah 57:1 Matthew 5:9 "Always Loved, Always Missed""

My Dearest Killian,

This page is dedicated to the memory of your precious life.  Your choice to be an organ donor was a precious gift that you offered of yourself so that many others could live!  Your decision to “Give Life” is so typical of the person that you were!

In your 20 short years, you gave Love, Laughter, and Friendship to everyone that you met!  I can truthfully say that anyone you met had their life enriched just by knowing you, if only for a short time. 

I miss you, every moment of every day!! You gave my life purpose and joy, and I mourn each day that I cannot see you fulfill all of the plans that you had made. 

I am sharing this page with all that knew you because those hearts have lost a very dear part of their lives and each shares in the sadness of not having you in their life each day.  What we have to be thankful for is that you were here to touch our heart and life, and in your own special way, make our lives all the richer for being the special young man that you were!! 

All My Love,




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Killian Soule

My sweet love ?? Killian, I first saw that beautiful little face on the day you were born, after after driving 17 hours to see you in North Carolina where you were born. You were the happiest little boy with those big beautiful blue eyes. As a little boy you were so much a part of our lives, but as you grew into a young man you went your own way. But I remember those summers when you came to visit with me and Paw paw for 2 weeks. You always insisted that your cousin Emiley come at the same time. You both were two peas in a pod. One of my fondest memories was of you when I would go to visit y’all in AL. I had made you a wooden rocking horse from scratch for your first Christmas and you loved watching old John Wayne westerns while rocking on it in your diaper and a old cowboy hat with your toy gun. How I laughed as you rode shooting the bad guys with John Wayne. I had surgery right before your graduation and could not go but I still got to see you get your diploma. Your daddy called me and told me I could watch you on the internet. So I was right there up front when you got your diploma. Loosing you was the hardest thing to happen to me in my 70 years of life. You are always there in my mind and my heart and my prayers. They say when your lost loved one comes to your mind, they are visiting you. If that is so my sweet gentle giant, you are always here with me. I’m sorry you won’t get to know your little sister and brother. You would really love them. Thank you for your generous donations of your organs. I also am an organ and tissue donor. I am so proud of you for the person you grew up to be. I just wish you could have lived longer, but I guess you like your Uncle Dean had done all that God had set for you to do. So he called you home to be with him. We will meet again, my love. All my love and prayers are with you. Maw maw Charlene

Charlene Gentry Jun 14 2019

I met Killian in 2003, as his next door neighbor in Enterprise, AL. I was just starting my Amry career and still had college critters “Ferrets” that rules the floor space in my house. Stephanie and I became friends and soon Killian was a fixture of adoration for those stinky little Ferrets. He called it his Ferret-time. I am sure he wore his moms patients wanting to spend every waking minute next door with the Ferrets but it was honest and charming just like Killian. One of my favorite memories of Killian was captured in a black and white photo of Killian on his knees trucking Belair (the ferret) around the living room in the bed of a truck and trailer toy set. We had many more advertures as friends over the years but I will save them for another post.

Charity Greenlee Jan 23 2019

Such fond memories of this precious family. Killian was a big ole teddy bear and knew you no matter where he saw you. Such a fun and loving soul that was taken much to soon. Love & hugs to you Stephanie ??

Kathy Davis Jan 23 2019

Killian and me became friends when we were playing football together. We used to sit in the truck everyday before school would start and just talk about everything under the sun. From mud riding at the tadpole hole, to his moms homecooked meals, fishing, bonfires, or really anything. Killian was always open for the adventure, but most importantly he was always there for his friends. Anytime I ever needed Killian no matter where we were at in life, how long it had been since we talked, or how crazy the circumstances were. Killian is one of the best friends I’ll ever have.

Zane Mitchell Jan 23 2019

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