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8/16/1965 - 8/24/2014
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"Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean l miss you - Until we meet again. Author Unknown"

Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end.

They simply mean I’ll miss you-Until we meet again.

Author Unknown


She was the most special person I have ever known.

So loving towards her children Cody, Kelsey and myself.

Her love had no barriers there was enough for every one.

These included her Mum and Dad Andrea, Wayne and Brother Chuck who she loved dearly as well as having enough love to share with her tennis friends, teachers, teammates and all her children from school.

She enjoyed and had love and time for the soccer children and parents from my soccer teams.

All the other associations she was involved with i.e. cheerleading as well as being a special Ed teacher, and many more. Please forgive me if I have forgotten any body.

I know that she is with us all always and laughing as she normally does. She would say: Be strong my friend I am here for you all now.

So never take tomorrow for granted it may never come.

Say everything you need to on the day and let those you care about know you love them.

Turn to the person on your right and pass a hug from Kelly.

Today we say goodbye to my soul mate my love my best friend my wife and my rock who is now Our Guardian Angel.

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Kelly White

Knowing you're my guardian angel and that you are always with me now is so comforting. I love and miss you so much. Sleep with angels ??

Grayson Lee Oct 27 2017

When going to the tennis matches she ALWAYS said a sweet hello to my kids. As a dad, this made my heart smile. RIP Kelly i'll miss that.

Richard Hambrick Oct 27 2017

Spring break in Myrtle Beach with everyone. We had so much fun and many great memories. I love you and miss you. Sleep with angels.

Makenna Oct 27 2017

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