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March 2, 2002 - April 1, 2012
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"Her Smile was Contagious and her Laugh was Infectious"

Keanua was 10 years old and made the decision to be a donor herself.  She had went with me to get my drivers license.  They asked if I would like to be a donor and I replied, “yes.”  We went got in the car she asked me what they were talking about.  I explained to her what it meant to be a donor.  She almost cried and told me, “Maw-Maw, I would want to do that.”  After the accident, Life Link approached me with the question.  Of course, I immediately remembered our day at the drivers license location and what she had said to me.  It takes a very special child to understand this and to choose to be a donor on her own.  She is a special little lady.


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