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1/18/1963 - 2/4/2016
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"Kathy Rife - Daughter, Sister, Mom who gave the ultimate gift of life to so many. We Love & Miss you"

The youngest of the family came into this world so much earlier than she should and left much quicker than she ought to have. Such a vital part of our family, one who loved, shared life and cared deeply.

Your smile would illuminate any room you entered. Your laughter was contagious and still makes us smile just thinking about it. How your eyes would light up and sparkle radiating love to every person around you. Your caring and loving nature will never be forgotten, it will now be passed on from generation to generation due to the living gift you have given others.

We miss you more than you could ever conceivably imagine, we are eagerly awaiting the day we may see your eyes again although they may be in a different body they will still be the beautiful brown eyes that lights up a room. The day we will be able to listen to your heart keeping in perfect rhythm with GOD’s impeccable beat.

You gave the most amazing gift you could give to so many and I know they are eternally grateful. Words could never express how proud we are of you. Your determination and confidence in who you are will always bring us strength and help us walk forward with heads held high knowing that it is only a short while and we will all be caught-up to heaven with the LORD JESUS CHRIST where we will spend eternity with one another.

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