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11/2/2000 - 5/8/2015
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"Kameron Spencer Martin"

Not sure where to begin… I have had to say that a lot in the last month. Kameron was my youngest son, he has a bother Kobe Hill that is about to be 17 in October. Kameron was a computer wiz, football player and wrestler. He was diagnosed with asthma at 10 days old, so its was something we always had to deal with as he was growing up. I am so confused to what to say at this point, it’s hard to put 14 years of life into a few words… I pray that the other family wants to meet with me, it’s like light at the end of this dark path. Kameron was just a mommy’s boy.

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Celebrate the Life of
Kameron Martin

Kameron was amazing.He had a laugh and smile that could always brighten your day.He was one in a million. We love you Kam

Alexus Lee Oct 27 2017

Mean and him have a lot of classes. were their we talked bout a lot of stuff mostly we would laughed bout how many days of school I missed.

Levi Tinney Oct 27 2017

Celebrating the Life of Kameron Martin

Kitty Martin Oct 27 2017

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