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June 21, 2019- February 26,2020
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"Dedicated to Julian A Calzada with out knowing i was send to save another presious life even that mine needed to be saved."

I was born with Biliary Atresia with out knowing i was going to be threw a lot i had to undergo many procedures but i always was strong and fought so hard my parents were told that if one of the surgery’s were not successful i would need a liver transplant to be able to have a better life due that mines was not working i was listed around 6 months and my parents waited to have the right organ come but as that happened i started to become more and more sick my little body was giving up i fought so hard to keep living hoping my liver would come i was even listed as statues 1A the highest on the list but even with that my body couldn’t hold any longer and on 02-26-2020 i took my last breath the doctors and my parents also fought so hard with me but yet i didn’t make it my parents took the decision of donating m my organs just as i needed a life saving organ my parents didn’t want another family to go threw what they just had gone threw so they donated my organs and they are also register to donate when the time comes we want others to know the important it is for organ donation and just as i was able to save a life even mine couldn’t be saved but my family is the proudest they can be to know i continue to give life and they well always make sure that they are so grateful to have had the opportunity of being able to take the decision they did.

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