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August 7 1962-may 9 2020
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"My love of a life time we meet in church she chased i ran she chased i still ran she stop i ran back to her she didnt run 45yrs freinds 34yra as one "

Wow how lucky was i my love of a life time she made me a better man my love of a life time i was so lucky she gave and gave they took and took and still she loved them all we are meeting over by the apple tree’s my love of a lifetime

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Julia Smith

And she loved all animals and go extreme to make them happy as she was if she had her way house would have been full of every kind of animal god made love you see you soon

Joseph Smith Nov 15 2020

I remember all the good times and all the bad times and i love them all because i was with my love of a life time and now its time to go from Florida

Joseph Smith Nov 15 2020

Today we had a great celebration of life in ownhome town and spread her ashes where she grew up on her birthday a very special moment for me my love of a life time.

Joseph Smith Aug 09 2020

I have so many memories iam going back where we meet lookin for a seed from that Apple tree i love you sweety.

Joseph Smith Jul 28 2020

At work still see her running around being the best she could be... Time to reach for the stars

Joseph Smith Jun 18 2020

Oh how I miss you Julie face!! This woman was the truest most genuine person I’ve ever known!! She went hard for everyone and everything she loved!! I’ve never ever met anyone like her and don’t think I ever will again!! Love and miss your face always and forever!!!

Eileen Neff Jun 13 2020

I miss you so much Julie ... I was so blessed to have you in my life for so many years you were so much more than a best friend to me. I always knew having you I was never alone in any of my problems or the happiest times in my life because I had you to share it with, I feel like I've lost a part of myself without you... I love and miss you I will see you again one day but until that day comes I will never see a star unless I think of you! *Love and miss you*

Sherry Hudson Jun 11 2020

Julie had many friends and always turned the other cheak and would be very happy the people she help save are starting to recover nicely

Joseph Smith Jun 10 2020


Joseph Smith Jun 07 2020

I love you sweety see you soon and thank you

Joseph Smith Jun 07 2020

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