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September 16, 2002 - September 25, 2019
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"This tribute is to honor the life and memory of our son Joshua David Smith. While his life was short, his love and kindness will live on forever."

On the day Josh was born he stopped breathing and spent two weeks in the NICU to help develop his lungs. At age three he was diagnosed with asthma and hospitalized for several days. And then, at the age of 8 he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. That diagnosis was so very hard for him and everyday was a struggle. He felt like a burden at times and just wanted to be a normal kid. Then, on September 25th of 2019, he went to the emergency room complaining of chest pain. He stopped breathing in the waiting room and was never able to be resuscitated.

That day will always be remembered as the hardest and most dark day. But we choose to remember and celebrate his 17 years of life rather than the 45 minutes that took him away from us. After losing Josh so suddenly, we received a call from LifeLink asking if we wanted to make a donation. We knew that our tragedy could be turned into someone else’s celebration and knew we could not say no.

Josh, you will always be our sweet baby boy. You were NEVER a burden. You didn’t feel like an ordinary kid because you were an extraordinary person. You made us so proud everyday and we love you unconditionally. I am sad that we have lost you but so grateful for the time we had. We can’t wait until we can join you in the next phase of life and we find comfort and peace knowing you will be there to guide us. We miss you and love you!

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