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1/11/1961 - 2/2/2017
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"Daddy's girl! We faught, we laughed, we cried but we never gave up on each other."

Lets start from beginning, a strong, dedicated father and husband. We were his world and no one could ever take that away from him. Yes he had his ups and downs like everyone but we are what mattered the most to him. He stood by my moms side until her last breath. He adored her so much that he was ready to be with her in spirit. My dad was a strong soldier and taught us to be strong and never give up. He stood for what he believed in and we couldn’t change that. In the end he got what he wanted. He had a great Thanksgiving, Christmas and Birthday. He was secure his youngest son was content and watched his daughter progress in her career before his eyes. His oldest son has always maintained his family and life with no worries. There was nothing more he needed to accomplish. He went back home!!!

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