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7/4/1997 - 3/23/2014
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"We love you, our loving son, brother and friend."

Our handsome prince, buddy, bubby, sweet pea, jmp and jump bunny. Always called buy terms of endearment because he is loved so dearly by all we never thought to use his name. Born on the 4th of July he was sure the whole world celebrated his birthday and we never told him any diferent. As he grew older, he was caring and considerate of all around him. Putting the needs of others before his own, like letting his little sister sit in the front seat when we ventured out.

Johnathan had a go to personality, living by mottos of:

“Lift and Love Life”

“Keep Moving Forward”

“I’m a doer and doers DO!”

Committed to personal health and fitness he was strong and athletic even though he had a chocolate milk and cheeseburger addiction. At 16 years old he deadlifted 540lbs for 5 reps. Now that’s dedication. He also loved the outdoors always out with his friends, at the park, swimming and playing with the family dog.

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Celebrate the Life of
Johnathan Porter

I saw you as a small boy,everything beautiful about Yvonne is in you. Until we all meet again rest easy

Mona Lisa Rosenblatt Oct 27 2017

I know you were welcomed with open arms. You will be in my heart until it stops beating. Love you my sweet nephew.

Aunt Dawn Oct 27 2017

Johnathan, you hve a lot of work to do helping God watch over we who love you. Be patient, we'll be comming when He calls us

Opa Brian And Angelika Oct 27 2017

John, I'm sorry I waited too many days to say hello again but thank you for making my bad days better. You'll never be forgotten.

S Oct 27 2017

We took you to see all of our favorite places of NM and CO. Precious Johnathan, I know you're happy where you are. We will always love you.

Aunt Roe Oct 27 2017

Celebrating the Life of Johnathan Porter

Donna Foster Oct 27 2017

he really made me a better man .you used to tell me when i would get angry dont sweat the small stuff dad. I love you my best buddy.

Shawn(Dad) Oct 27 2017

You have my heart, you hold it in your hands. I love and miss you so much, my darling grandson.

Donna (Nana) Foster Oct 27 2017

I miss you Johnathan, thanks for being the person you were. You made a bigger impact than you thought. You really are an angel. RIP

Anonymous Oct 27 2017

I still miss you every day, the day you were born I truly understood the meaning of love.

Yvonne Baker Oct 27 2017

Celebrating the Life of Johnathan Porter

Yvonne Baker Oct 27 2017

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