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3/13/1986 - 8/11/2012
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"To The Love Of My Life, Soulmate & Best Friend Jeremy. Your Legacy Will Forever Live On In Our Beauitful Children."

Its hard to describe into words how truly amazing you are. I have been blessed to not only know you but to call you my soulmate & father to our children. Its grand design that your path and mine ever even crossed. You are truly the best thing that ever happened to me, and without you I wouldn’t have 2 beauitful pieces of you to carry with me through out life. Although your life was cut much to short, I will do Gods work in providing the world with a legacy of you like no other. Your memory will forever live on in myself, our children and every life you touched. I am truly proud to have even been a part of your life.

Jeremy was an breed all his own, loved to play pranks, helping a friend or anyone in need was just natural to him. He was a southern born and bread guy for sure. Big trucks, ATVs, fishing and hunting was just a few of his favorites. Family was most important. We became parents at the young ages and now I know why, all of the events that happened through out our lives that most thought were unplanned or even alittle to soon, actually turned out to be Gods plan. Every person you came in contact with was touched by Jeremy in one way or another, He truly made his mark on the world.

I love you more than the air I breathe.

– Love always, Your Wife.


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Celebrate the Life of
Jeremy Clackum

Love & Miss You Very Much. - Love Your Mother In Law, Tonyia.

Tonyia Cox Oct 27 2017

Celebrating the Life of Jeremy Clackum

Tabitha Oct 27 2017

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