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October 1, 1997 - December 12, 2017
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"It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember. We love you Javan."

My son was so generous with his time and resources while alive, it wasnt a hard decision that he would want to do so in death.  Through his donation, a close family friend, Derek, was able to get one of his kidneys. This defied all thoughts of impossibilities given the incredible distance and odds of being a match. All credit goes to our wonderful god, Jehovah, who can make something positive come out of such a tragedy.  We look forward to learning of the other lives that were changed by our son.

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Celebrate the Life of
Javan Bergeron

I’m so glad that I saved his voicemail that he left on my phone. I still listen to it frequently. I can’t wait until the voice of the voicemail, will be the voice I will long to hear it reality. My thoughts and prayers are still with the family. It’s getting closer to the anniversary of his death, and although it still stings, we are also getting closer to the new world. No more tears of sadness, only tears of joy. I can hardly wait… Until then, I will listen to my preserved voicemail and read the message he left on my family room wall. ?


As I found out the terrible news today, my heart sunk. I actually met Javan about a week before we both got baptized August 7, 2010. A group of friends got together at raging waters and that’s how we met. A week later I’m sitting at the Long Beach convention center, crying because I was overwhelmed with the thought of symbolizing my dedication to Jehovah. I didn’t know anyone else that was getting baptized so I was sitting “alone.” An older sister came by and was congratulating us on how proud she was that we were making the best decision ever. This didn’t help for I started to cry even more. Then Javan came up. He smiled and said, “Hey, you’re getting baptized today?” I looked at him through tears and sniffles and said, “Yeah.” An even bigger smile comes over his face as he says, “Me too!” I’m still in La La Land so I said, “When?” He says, “Today!” When all the wheels start turning in my head I asked if he wanted to sit next to me. He gladly accepted. When we were about to stand and sing the first song, I noticed that I had forgotten my song book at the seat. So Javan and I shared his song book. We sat through the first couple of talks. Then the brother was introduced to give the dedication and baptism talk. Javan and I looked at each other and gave each other a smile that was both anxious and happy. We listened to the talk, stood and answered “Yes!” to both questions, and prayed. We sung the song which was then #60, “He Will Make You Strong.” It was a relatively new song and I wanted to sing #7 “Christian Dedication” but I’m glad we sung that song because now I have a song that is so dear to my heart and reminds me that Jehovah has the power and desire to make us Strong. So then we got our bags and separated into the rooms to change. He changed pretty quick because when I walked out, he was already dunked! He gave me a high five as he held his dark towel. What a day to remember. The next time I saw him was at a circuit assembly. That’s when he told me his last name. I asked, “Like the guy who hosts America’s Funniest Videos?” He chuckled and answered in the affirmative. We lost touch since I moved to LA and him to GA but I recently found him on social media. I was excited to find my baptism buddy after 7 years. He had such a sense of humor. He’s hilarious! I even showed some of my friends some of his funny videos. And months later when he wasn’t posting anything, I checked on him and found out the terrible horrible news. I didn’t want to believe it. Javan was loved. He truly was. Of the short times that I have seen him, he was smiling. That’s a wonderful memory to have. Jehovah knows and understands all of our problems and he is the only one that can help/fix/solve them. Jehovah is so so so aware and he will help you endure. He will make you Strong.

Anna Mar 08 2018

(Please forgive my grammar mistakes). I don’t want to say my name, but I was hoping that I would be able to share these thoughts somewhere, some day. I remember the first time I met Javan. It was some summers ago; actually, the best summer of my life. I had honestly never met anyone like him in my whole life. His personality was one in a million. Never had I met someone who could cheer me up with just a smile. There was a time when all of us young people spent so much time with each other. Those summers faded into falls and winters, eventually, we never saw each others’ faces (atleast I didn’t) except for at meetings. I remember the last time I saw Javan, or was atleast in his presence. It had been awhile since I had crossed paths with him, and then suddenly, he was sitting alone a few seats away from me on the same row one Sunday. I didn’t want to stare during the meeting, but I felt a twinge of excitement in my gut because I hadn’t seen or spoken to him in so long. I didn’t get to talk to him that day though. I just remember catching each others’ glances in greeting as I left that day. Energy refilled 100%. His smile was that powerful. That is the last time I remember seeing him. I feel regretful that I always let my nerves get in the way instead of talking with him and just seeing how he was doing. For that, I’m sorry. I also remember the first time I met him. I wasn’t aware that my friend had a brother, so when I first saw Javan, (who looks exactly like his sibling) I had an internal shock because I thought my friend was a twin. I will just say that the first two times I met him amongst friends are easily two of the most memorable days I have of that summer. If I could go back and just relive it all, I would. I don’t want to reveal too much, as I want this to remain anonymous, but I have a few other memories that only I remember. I will probably never say these things out loud, so it is a good thing to preserve them in writing if anyone happens to read them. Thankyou so much for sharing him with us. I love all of my friends, but he was just very special. He is probably the first and last person that I will sincerely, sincerely adore. I will always remember him and he and you all will always be in my heart. Thank you.

Anonymous Feb 14 2018

I didn’t know Javan very well on a personal level but I did see him every Thursday night and every Sunday … and despite the fact I had a hard time really wanting to talk to anyone he still seeked me out and made sure to shake my hand and give me a hug and a smile , I know that may not seem like a lot but it was . I never saw him sad always laughing always kind … I even got the chance to go out in field service with him a few times and he really knew how to be an encouragement.

Anonymous Jan 12 2018

For Jay I lie awake and wonder My thought desponded Like thundering like never ending rain We all feel the great pain A heavy cloud of gloom It lingers and it looms We think of you today And Words we CAN never say If only you knew How different things could be If only you could see How beautiful life can be If only you knew How many people cared If only you could see What great LOVE they shared Oh the things we do About the thing we can not undo Every eye is crying Every heart is breaking Every mind is waking And it’s all for you If only you knew That better things were coming If only you could see How great a man you’d be Oh what we wish we’d said We lie awake in bed Our pillows to our head Oh what we wished we’d said

A friend Jan 12 2018

Celebrating the Life of Javan Bergeron

Kimber Salazar Jan 02 2018

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