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9/4/1972 - 5/31/2016
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"I love you and miss you!! You have always given yourself, your money to help others - Mom"

Jason’s mother was only 15 years old at the time of his birth. She lived at home with her Father & Step-Mother along with other siblings.

When Jason was born he was adopted out to a home in Seattle, Washington to a family who had been waiting for a boy baby. The family immediately fell in love with him but his mother was also feeling the heart-wrenching loss of having her child taken at birth. She fought by using legal aid and the law with the tenacity only a mother can fully understand. She convinced her father to allow her to get him back by showing her ability to responsibly raise Jason. When she notified the family they attempted to move out of state but his mother had convinced Jason’s grandfather to help find him and get him back. Jason came home to be raised by his mother who met the man that was to become his stepfather about six months later. William and Maria raised Jason together as his stepfather and mother from that time.

Jason grew up with parents that loved him and worked with him. He grew up to be a man that loved people, he made friends quickly. He was a man that liked to help and do good to others. He was so generous he would take care of others needs before his own needs. He was sensitive to the needs of others. It was his heart to do good, he had a big heart, yet it was his heart that gave out. He touched many people lives by just being himself.

It was only fitting for Jason to give what the others needed from him. It would have been out of character for him not to give the gift of life to those in need. He was a great man in this world which I can say with all boldness there are not many like him.

You are greatly missed and loved and I will be seeing you again:)

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