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7/9/1984 - 5/30/2017
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"To my son Jared J. Pratt Your life was a Blessing You are loved beyond words Missed beyond measure."

I am Jared’s mother, writing I hope in behalf of his entire family. Jared was a sweet,fun, loving, hilarious, mischevious keep you on your toes kind of person. He was an amazing son, brother, daddy, uncle, cousin, nephew. He was always helping everyone else, even when he had very little for himself. Even today Jared is still helping people with his tissue and organ donation He had a desire to donate to help improve and save the lives of many others, That is who he was and who we need to remember. Jared was full of life, We loved pranking each other and there were some good laughs over those pranks. He loved his girls, they were his pride and joy-his everything. His relationship with each one of us was as unique as he was in their own way. Jared had a funny little grin and a fun, funny smile. He was always smiling. Jared had a lot of trials in his life and through all of the trials he faced in his life his smile got bigger and brighter, a defeater, it never faded. Jared was loving life and doing good things, He was building his dreams. He helped on a cousins ranch and worked with kids there and he loved working with the kids and who he was becoming. A week before he passed he said my dreams are coming true, I finally found what makes me happy. The Rodeo, the kids and the horses. he said he might be a cowboy. I asked him if he had the belt buckle yet and he told me no, so far he was trying out the pants and the boots. He loved what he was doing and where he was at in life. He was happy and his heart was happy. Jared knew who he was, He loved God, He had faith, love in his heart and he knew love and gave love everyday. Jared will be remembered for his funny antics, big heart and the love he shared for his family. We will always love you Jared. You are forever”32″. Your life was a Blessing, Your memory a treasure, You are loved beyond words, Missed beyond measure. Love you always and forever, forever in our hearts, Love you Jared, love Mom (Karen) Valerie, Tom, Landon, Mollie, Leah, Jordan, Kristin, and Dad (Terry)

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Jared Pratt

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