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March 2, 1967- August 12, 2021
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"Dedicated to James Long in appreciation for his selfless acts of love and for continuing to give even after his passing. "

James was one of those family members people flocked to at holiday gatherings. His company was always a good time. He had the best stories and watching him tell those stories was even better. He loved his kids but my goodness at how much he loves and was proud of his grandkids. He loved rock music and was the one to take or bought the tickets for each of his kids first concert. He supported his kids hobbies and encouraged them to do what they loved in life. He pushed them to do better and always made sure they had what the needed if not more. He was one of the most selfless people anyone would meet. I know he would be moved to tears and so happy to know that his gift could have saved another life. His youngest daughter said “Maybe he was able to save someone else’s daddy who needed to be here more.”. We loved James so much and he returned the loved. Thank you James for being a great son, brother, friend, and father.


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