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August 29, 1990 - July 6, 2019
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"James Jordan Harpe, Jr., was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in Chugiak, Alaska. He then spent the remainder of his life in Florida. "

He believed we needed to protect the earth and all of God’s creatures.  He kept his carbon footprint very small, being careful to recycle and never waste anything.

He loved to dive and was an amazing free diver, often diving alone, swimming with the manatees in the Gulf of Mexico on Anna Maria Island.

When he was at his best he took very good care of his body.  He understood we all need to respect God’s creatures.

He was complex and often times had a difficult time conveying his thoughts.  He knew that we owed it to ourselves,  the animals, and the planet to take care of this world.

He left this world a Hero.  He gave in death the ultimate gifts of life.  He would probably laugh and say “My organs have been recycled“.  The fact that he donated his organs speaks volumes from such a quiet soul, and now I understand why it was so important for him to take care of his body.

He will be missed dearly, and we have to be OK with the unanswered questions and the what ifs, he left behind.  We celebrate this talented young man whose life was so short, but left us with hope for the future.

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Celebrate the Life of
James Harpe

Gone, but never gotten.

Betsy Edwards Jul 31 2019

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