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3/15/1993 - 11/10/2013
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"In memory of our funny, quirky, free-spirited and loving Jacob. What a gift you have been to all that have known you! We love you!"

Jacob is truly a one-of-a-kind individual. His love for life and his desire to live it to the fullest was made clear even as a little boy. He had the ability to make people laugh, no matter the cost. His laugh was contagious; his goofiness was contagious. He loved his family, and he especially loved picking on his little brothers. He never let an opportunity go by without telling us that he loved us, even if he was in a room full of teenagers, never being embarrassed of this. His love for his friends was apparent every day. The little things that he did to bring a smile to our faces is one thing I will miss the most. We hope that his zest for life will continue on through his family and friends. He is with the love of his life, Chandler, in heaven for eternity, doing what they do best….laughing. We love you both!

We love you, Jacob! You are missed beyond words.

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Celebrate the Life of
Jacob Smith

There were so many awesome times with you, I cant just pick one. Never a dull moment, and one of the best people I will probably ever meet.

Olivia Oxley Oct 27 2017

I'll always hold summer after graduation close, you were one of the people who made it memorable.

Heather Hurtt Oct 27 2017

I'll never forget how EVERY TIME you came to my house, you would fish tail your black truck up my driveway. :)

Wesley Frachiseur Oct 27 2017

I remember being at Town Square Academy together with Taylor Mitcham always being goofy and having a good time. Those were the good days!

Ashley Buckner Oct 27 2017

We convinced our 12th grade math teacher that we were cousins that hadn't seen each other in years so we got to sit next to each other. :')

Tyler Smith Oct 27 2017

I will always remember Jacob singing that stupid song to me "had a bad day". When I was in a bad mood. Made me laugh every time. "

Pascha Powell Oct 27 2017

He was a fun partner in trivia. He knew all of the newer stuff (music,etc.) I knew the old stuff. Great fun!

Roger Searcy Oct 27 2017

Loved cutting his hair & how he ate my food, how he chased the bus, ran to my backdoor 1/2 naked.

Krista Maddox Oct 27 2017

Jacob was a very unique person. What a great gift he chose to be a life donor. He truly lives on through others!!

Becky Busch Oct 27 2017

Jacob you have been and will always be a gift to Cameron. The love and friendship you have given him is priceless and forever cherished.

Amy Wesley Oct 27 2017

Celebrating the Life of Jacob Smith

Tamara Smith Oct 27 2017

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