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4/8/1963 - 1/20/2016
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"To Jackson, A hard working, fun loving husband, father and friend who always loved his Spartans."

You were so full of life. You were quick to make friends and there to help others either by handing out mechanical information over the phone, giving a helping hand to someone moving, or just making everyone smile.

You had a huge presence and a strong voice that let every one, including the animals, know who ruled the roost. You loved as big as your heart. You won my heart, my love, and devotion from the moment you”saved” me at Gilmore Cadillac, Pontiac, Nissan’s time clock. With your dark wavy hair, those broad shoulders and those sparkling cool, laughing blue eyes of yours. They will haunt my dreams.

It wasn’t always the easiest road that we travelled together, but somehow we always stuck it out. Through the tough times and the good ones.

You are remembered by your Mother, Audrey, your brother, Charles, your wife, Kelly, of over 25 years, your two daughters, Gayle and Evelyn, your six grand childrend, our adopted son, Adam, and many, many friends both here in Florida and in Michigan.

You had a great passion for living life to the fullest. You loved your classic cars and enjoyed your Harley Davidson motorcycles. We had many great memories on your Sporty and the FLHT, including our trip that brought us to Florida. Then came the Volkswagen Bug! What fun that was putting in the weatherstrips, painting the exterior from John Deere Yellow to a smokey Blue. Then we added the”Crown” on the doors and the rooster on the back to make her stand out in the crowd.

Then the decals started. First with a large Jack Skellington on the back window, an Adidas symbol across the other side and then the”art” began. She sits in the driveway waiting for you with all her decals on the windows and your door panels covered in Marvel Comic heroes. The luggage rack is empty and waiting for that next trip to Disney so we can load her up with our vintage luggage, cooler full of ice cold beer, and picnic baskets with a vintage thermos, some Jack Daniels and cola.

You hadn’t graduated from High School when we met. But you found out about a program that you could finish your schooling at night and receive that diploma, not just a G.E.D. So determined that at the age of 33 years, you went back to school at Lakeview High. The teachers let you walk across that stage after you suffered your first heart attack at 34 years, because you had already completed all your necessary courses.

Remember our celebration at The Comedy Club? We weren’t suppose to make you cough or laugh because you were still recovering from your open heart surgery. That comedian asked what everyone was celebrating at our big table? We said,”you just graduated!” He said,”oh, that’s nice. What college?” We said,”Lakeview High School!” To a ton of laughs and a huge pause he said,”no, I am the comedian!” That’s one of my favorite memories of you.

We miss you terribly.

I am proud of you and your decision to be an organ donor. I only hope that your donation(s) will have helped many others.

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