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June 24, 2004 - June 3, 2021
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"Our young Space Ranger, Jabari, completed his heroic mission and returned to Star Command."

Jabari Williams, the middle of 3 sons, was born with a warrior’s name and a heart full of love. Born with ADS, he saw the world differently and lived life in a way that brought him joy, every day. Daily hugs and emphatic handshakes, Jabari ensured that those he loved and respected were clearly aware of it. His favorite color was green and his favorite foods were chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and cheesy bread. His favorite character was Buzz Lightyear, of whom he had many toys and spent many hours a day watching through movies, shows, and even YouTube content. While being non-verbal, most of the time, he loved to sing and we would often hear him up late at night singing along to his favorite movies. He loved his own space, but was the most happy while spending time with his brothers: Jarius and Jaikob. Playing video games, watching movies together, going to the beach or on walks along nature trails, they were inseparable.

His loss was sudden, though he remained with us physically for a number of days after. His younger brother, Jaikob, gave one of Jabari’s talking Buzz Lightyear figures to bring to him in the hospital and, older brother, Jarius gave one of Jabari’s Lightning McQueen cars. Buzz stayed by Jabari’s side, resting on him all the way up until his Hero’s Walk. Two of the last phrases uttered when Buzz’s button was pressed while in his arms were, “Engage Hypersleep!” and “Return to Star Command.” Jabari completed his mission as a hero on earth, and did exactly that.

To infinity, and beyond.

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