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May 1, 2007 - December 5, 2021
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"Izaak’s name means laughter. I can only hope the donation of his organs gave others a chance to have laughter and smiles for many, many more years."

Izaak was only 14 years old but he lived a heck of a life with so many experiences.   Izaak was slow and reluctant to make his presence into this world on the day he was born but once he did, he lived it fast and to the fullest.  He was so competitive early on as a little boy.  Izaak was very intrigued by the mechanical and engineering aspect of things which definitely played a major role in why he had to take things apart resulting in all the different tools, parts, nails, screws, and etc. just laying about wherever or even cutting  the electrical wires of items and re-splicing them together to perform different functions.  This is what contributed to him being referred to as a destructive storm and I mean that with love.  Being able to operate different types of machinery was another of his many opportunities that he did quite well with even when starting at a young age.  Almost always, he would be barefoot.  Getting to be in the mud or in a creek was his greatest and simplest pleasure.  Izaak had beautiful, light blue eyes like the sky at times and other times they were deep blue like the ocean.  He loved caring for little children just like his momma and he loved to hunt just like his daddy.  He had many adventures but to name a few were getting to do the bounty races with his side x side or riding his horses.  Izaak loved singing and listening to music, too, early on as a young boy.  He could talk you to death and you better believe he was the king of 1000 questions.  Izaak wanted people to laugh and he was definitely the one to make that happen.  He had this squeal that he would do just to get me tickled.  It was this “fingers down the chalkboard” kind of high pitch screech really, but he would make us almost roll in the floor laughing when he would do it.  Izaak was just an all around fun young man that made a listing impression on all that he met.  

“A Life Measured In Memories Not In Years”



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