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May 24, 1999-April 2021
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"Dedicated to my beautiful Hayley loved by so many! Thank you for your love!-Mummy"

Hayley Bird grew up in the small town of Decatur Ga.

Raised by a single mom for most of her life, we tried to pack as much in as we could.

She traveled to Europe, Belize, Iceland, Canada and about 35 states.  She was a history major and only wanted to help people.  She had hoped to join the Peace Corps after school and go to Africa.  She then wanted to become a college professor.  She was so intelligent and wrote prolifically.  She was also an amazing artist,  Her art was twisted, dark but amazing and she would draw on everything and anything she could find from school books to sketch books to random little pieces of paper..

She loved Bernie Sanders and joined his campaign, she was all about helping the people.

She did model UN in High school and college, she was so passionate in her role as ambassador for Germany and Iceland and I know she wold have been amazing in a real role

We miss her so much-

She donated her organs through Lifelink and we know she lives on.

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