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2/4/2004 - 4/26/2010
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"In loving memory of Gabriella Wiegert"

We were blessed with our miracle baby February 4th 2004, Gabriella “Bella” Marie Wiegert. A happy baby, typical toddler grew into a petite blonde haired quick witted kindergartener; her life was abruptly ended at just six years old as a result of a head injury sustained from a Friday afternoon golf cart ride with her older sister and family friends. She received her angel wings in heaven April 26th 2010 after numerous days of fighting in intensive care and surgeries.

Gabriella was full of life and spirit. She loved everyone and everyone who spent just a few brief moments in her presence fell in love with her, Gabriella never met anyone that she didn’t care for, or an animal that she didn’t love. She enjoyed catching toads, lizards, butterflies, and playing with her rabbit King of Famous. Even from a young age Gabriella was highly intelligent, quick witted, and many that knew her would say she was wise beyond her years. She was the most amazing, caring, beautiful, compassionate little girl that a parent could ever ask for. She loved her family, friends and even strangers unconditionally, and gave her whole heart to everyone she knew, and everything that she did. She wanted to be a vampire, doctor or a super hero when she grew-up. It was during our tragic situation that her dream of being a super hero could be fulfilled by donating her organs.

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Celebrate the Life of
Gabriella Wiegert

Celebrating the Life of Gabriella Wiegert

Heather Wiegert Oct 27 2017

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