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11/3/1992 - 7/21/2017
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"I'd like the tears of those who grieve to dry before the sun of happy memories that I leave behind."

We lost our cherished son, Eric on July 21, 2017 to a sudden tragic fall. Eric brought joy, enlightenment and love to all who had the pleasure of knowing him in his short 24 years of life. He was always a giver. Since the first year of high school when he was able to give blood, he became a regular donor. He had a discussion with his Dad not too long ago about his decision to be an organ donor. Never did we think we would be alive to make sure that his wishes were honored. But, honor them we did and due to his generous being, so far he has saved five lives with the gift of his major organs. We don’t know how many others he will help, but we are told it could be hundreds. The grief is tremendous, but the solace that we have gained from his gift of life has helped to soften the devastation that has rocked our very being.

We’ll never look in his eyes, hug or laugh with him again. We’ll never have the pleasure of seeing him fall in love and bear children. His wanderlust soul will never have the pleasure of experiencing the wonderful life he so deserved. Eric lived life to the fullest from sunrise to sunset wherever he was. His wit and intelligence forever boggled the minds of all that knew him.

He’ll live forever in our hearts. May his recipients live long and healthy lives with Eric’s selfless gift of life to the world.

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Eric Bellomo

Dear Kathy and Frank, My name is Claudia and I am Dicky’s stepdaughter. I am 30 years old and considered him a second father since about 6 years of age. When he married my mom we were immediately connected by a passion for horses and since then he has made me feel as one of his own children. I received the tribute you made for Eric this morning as I woke up and wanted to share a few thankful words for your son and entire family. July 23rd was a day our family will always cherish and remember as it is the day Dicky got his second chance at life. As joyful and fearful as it was, we had always in mind that our happiness came attached with a family’s sorrow of losing an incredible selfless loved one. Words cannot express our gratitude to Eric, I am sure he brought to you as many joys in life as he has done for giving my stepfather a second chance. We will do everything in our power to make the best of this opportunity only he could present us and share his views of generosity with the world. Dicky had been struggling with heart failure since 2005 after a heart attack and everyday was a gamble. He has been always the heart and soul of our big family and having him feel well again has been miraculous. Dicky’s main concern for us has always been that we enjoy life to the fullest which I see in your tribute was Eric’s too. I am sure he can feel very proud of what he has done for our family and many more that he has helped. He is and will always be a hero to us. Forever thankful to Eric, you and your family Claudia Garcia de Paredes

Claudia Garcia de Paredes Jul 31 2018

Dear Frank and Kathy, Let me begin by saying THANK YOU. Although I feel as if there are no words to express what I feel, I know for certain that gratitude is the one feeling I cannot ignore. It is very hard for me to write to you about my dad’s second chance to live while at the same time realizing that such second chance was made possible through the loss of your son. I am terribly sorry for your loss as this can surely be the most terrible experience for any parent. However, I always try to see a silver lining, and I hope you can get a tiny sense of comfort in the fact that Eric gave me back my father. Again the only thing I can do is to say thank you. Thank you for Eric, for his kindness, for raising a selfless human being that gifted my dad a second chance. A big hug. What follows is a note from me to Eric all the way to heaven. Eric, Although we will not get a chance to meet in person, I want you to know a little bit about myself. I am 30 years old, wife, mother of two beautiful daughters. Sarah is four years old and Yvonne is 18 months. I am writing this letter to thank you. Your act of being an organ donor gifted my dad the chance to continue being with us. A second chance to see my daughters grow, and enjoy life alongside us, his children, and Mary his wife. During his illness with heart disease, all I had was uncertainty and sadness. Although I am a grown woman, I am still my daddy’s little girl. I still need him in my life. He is my support, my inspiration, my love, my guide. Our relationship is so special and thanks to you I get to enjoy it for years to come. I am deeply saddened that your life was cut so shot, but in a way your story will live forever with us. Your heart is still beating, so for us you continue to live on. I cannot begin to imagine the loss felt by your family and friends, but I hope that these words will help in keeping your memory alive. My dad is doing wonderful as your heart is beating strong and healthy. I am sure that from above you are happy. I wish nothing but peace for your loved ones and want you and them to know that there is not a day that goes by when I don’t think about your gift to us. The gift of life. Forever grateful, Yvonne

Yvonne Cardoze Jul 31 2018

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