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3/13/1944 - 2/27/2014
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"Lover of Life, Loved by Many, Dedicated to Family, Community, Helping Others, and much Laughter to all."

Ed Lightsey had a deep booming laugh that makes the world seem way too quiet without him. He was filled with love, big smiles and a quick wit like no other. When his light shined on you the world stopped outside those moments. Smart, witty, charming, hard working, always doing things for others in small ways not to be noticed. Self educated, continuously reaching for new knowledge and experiences. We were blessed with 18 yrs after a sudden unexpected brain surgery. He walked me down the aisle and got to know his grandchildren & son-in-laws that loved him dearly. As a result of knowing his spirit & this time frame it was thought he would’ve wanted to help others by donating his organs. He would’ve found humor in the fact they were able to be used by others! In a recent article written he was compared to Santa Claus. I can still hear his laughter in my heart. He would have loved that in death he gave and that he’s not here living life half heartedly. To hear his voice via a recording he did, call 912-580-3002. Recently written: He worked in radio, and television for many years. He was a Sr Correspondent for over 20 yrs for Georgia Trend. He enjoyed speech writing, public speaking, and campaign advisement. His career included working with President Jimmy Carter and U.S Congressman, Charles Hatcher. Daddy taught us to work hard, love hard, and deeds of good heartedness in between. He loved a gamble, a beer, a friend, and showing his love for family while cooking.

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Celebrate the Life of
Ed Lightsey

My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. He touched so many lives in so many ways. May he rest in peace.

Donna Poole Scott Oct 27 2017

Celebrating the Life of Ed Lightsey

Angel Hobby Oct 27 2017

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