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june 23, 1981- july 30, 2023
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" This page is dedicated to the life of Derrick Warner. He was a generous, loving soul in life and continues to be after."

My son was an amazing man he would give the shirt off his back or give his last dollar he loved
kids pets anything we use to go yard sales years ago finding someone else’s junk to be his.He
loved to fix things he also loved fishing off anclote He spent many years helping my daughter to
raise her son Coby. Coby was like a son to him.He had his close friends since high school they
were always there for each other that’s a lot of love there.It took him a while but found the love
of his life with Angelina they fit well together. I will for ever be greatfull to her for coming in to his

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Derrick Warner

My husband, Derrick was an amazing person. He was truly a teddy bear of a man; a big kid at heart. He had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. If there was anything he could do for anyone whether he knew them or not, he did. His family was his pride and joy, and was so much bigger than blood. There was not a day he didn't have a pun or a smart aleck comment to make you smile even if you didn't want to. He had so much love and wanted to give even after he was gone. Even though he didn't have children of his own, he had so many nieces and nephews that he loved like his own. There was never a car ride where he didn't point out every animal and smile. He would just quietly enter a room but his warmth would always flood it. This is what he is leaving is legacy of love and kindness

Derrick Warner Aug 08 2023

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