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10/3/1960 - 7/17/2010
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"In Life Dean gave all he could to those in need. In death he gave hope to liver & kidney patients. In death Dean gave Life."

The first thing you would notice about Dean when looking at him were his eyes. They were deep blue and they conveyed his mood more than any facial expression could. His eyes danced with laughter and tenderness.

His heart was not visible but people that met Dean would quickly know what kind of heart he possessed by his words and more importantly his deeds. Everyone Dean met was a potential friend. He made friends wherever he went. He would strike up a conversation with anyone and more often than not was the beginning of a friendship. If you became a friend of Deans you were fortunate because he was such a loyal and giving man. Dean entered into everything with a sprint of excitement and adventure including his friendships. If you needed someone to listen or something repaired Dean was your man.

His enthusiasm extended to all areas of his life, being from New England he had a passion for the professional New England sport teams and was a devoted fan. Dean was a gentle soul, but a rugged man who loved all types of sports and all types of people. As a man of action he also loved coaching and playing softball, target shooting, golfing, boating and fishing. Dean’s family and friends became participants in these outings often swept along by Dean’s enthusiasm.

Dean€™s tender side was on display with elderly relatives and babies and they became the object of gentle attention when he was with them. His zest for life extended to his relationships with family and friends. He was a loving and thoughtful husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend. His spirit of adventure led Dean and those with him to try things they may have never dared to try. Dean’s kind and generous nature was only surpassed only by his love and loyalty for his wife and family.

Dean€™s life ended far too soon and those who loved and knew him are left to grieve. Yet in that grief we are left with the knowledge that even in death Dean kept giving. He was a organ donor. May we all follow Dean€™s example and give in life as well as death.

Dean’s organs have helped others to have another chance at life. That was what he wanted.

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Celebrate the Life of
Dean Finethy

Celebrating the Life of Dean Finethy

Lindsey Oct 27 2017

Dean never met a stranger; everyone was a friend he hadn't met yet.He loved to help others & did as an organ donor who gave the gift of life.

Holly Shaffer Oct 27 2017

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