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12/11/1998 - 12/9/2015
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"This tribute is dedicated in loving memory of David O'Neil Weis III from his family. We miss you...."

Our amazing, wonderful son David was only 16 years old when he passed away. Such a short life for such an amazing person. He was a smart and talented boy. He was active in Ware County High School JROTC and Raiders. He was a skilled mechanic and enjoyed welding. He had such a good sense of humor. He was very loving, and would help anyone at any time. He was a wonderful son, grandson, and brother. He was well loved by his family and friends. I will always remember how much he liked to take things apart and build new things. When he was 15 years old he made his own computer. He used parts from our old computers, and built his own. It was impressive. I have been told by his friends that he was always a great friend in times of need, a great teamate, and a great helper whenever he was needed. We will all miss his wonderful smile, sense of humor, and loving nature. He gave the best hugs. Through his tragic death has come life for 4 other people. He was able to donate his kidney’s, liver, and heart valves. Although we are greiving right now, we know that there are living parts of our son in others. His soul is with God, but he lives on through our wonderful memories and his extraordinary gifts of life. You are the best Little David and we will love you forever. Love, Your Family (Mom, Dad, Nolan, Eli, Kyle, Rain, and G-Maw)

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