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9/13/1942 - 4/19/2013
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"To the most amazing Father, Grandfather, and friend. You were my inspiration and my rock!! You will be missed!!!"

Words cannot describe how truly important life everyday means. Please make sure you tell each other everyday how much they mean to you and hold them tight. My father was my idol when I was growing up. Not only was he cool but an amazing athlete and never missed a single sporting event of my sisters or mine.

He continued that same legacy as a Grandfather…….he loved his grand children very much and attended both of their activities as well.

Dad was an amazing ‘Fix it up’ kind of a guy. He had done so many amazing projects, renovating homes with my mother. He was talented in so many different ways. He played tennis and made it look so easy. He taught me and my sister how to play most sports and worked with us all the time.

My father had an injury with a table saw and had to get skin grafts and his craftsmanship and sporting days pretty much came to an end.

After retiring he took up gardening and bird watching and many other activities.

While working in the garden Dad was bitten by a dog and he had to have major skin grafts and plastic surgeries to repair the damage to his nose. All of it came out perfectly.

Dad’s passing was very sudden and unexpected but I think he is very happy to have been able help others and save lives. He will be truly missed but who ever receives part of my father will have an amazing soul in their body…….We love you forever Dad and your legacy lives on……..

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Celebrate the Life of
David Andrew Hemphill

To one of the sweetest fathers I know .. your kindness will forever be in my heart and your laughter and hugs will be deeply missed.

Candy Oct 27 2017

The things I remember most about your dad were that he was always there AND how much it showed that he loved and was proud of you and Sarah!

Kristi Straub Oct 27 2017

Celebrating the Life of David Andrew Hemphill

Susan Hemphill Oct 27 2017

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