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October 16, 1978 - December 22, 2018
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"Daniel "Bo" Maynard was a beautiful soul, wonderful husband, proud father, & loyal friend who spent his life making others laugh"

Daniel Maynard was an amazing man. He was a loving husband to Stacey for 17 years, a dedicated father to Kyle, Emily, & Lauryn, and proud to be a recovering addict with over 14 years of sobriety!  He told anyone who would listen about what he had overcome, he used his story to help people. He mentored others who were battling their own demons, and praised them & assisted them along in their journey.  He loved his job, his co-workers and all of his many friends.

December 22, 2018 seemed like just an ordinary day.  Daniel woke up happy to have his oldest son, Kyle,  home for Christmas, & then spent the afternoon shopping with his wife, Stacey, for those last minute presents his daughters Lauryn & Emily just had to have!  He hurried home, spent some time with his family, & took a quick nap before heading off to his night shift job, as Team Leader at Dewtex.

Shortly after beginning his shift, he gave a brief meeting, shared a joke with an associate, walked away laughing & collapsed. Daniel never regained consciousness.  Medics worked tirelessly to save him, but he passed away shortly after at 9:44pm. He was a healthy, happy 40 year old man, who adored his family, and loved his life. To this day, we have no answers as to what happened to Daniel or why.

Daniel gave all of himself to his family, and had proudly chosen to be an organ donor ..He had just renewed his driver’s license in October, and when asked if he wanted to remain an organ donor, his response was “Well yeah!  Just make sure I really don’t need em’ anymore”

To know him, was to love him. His humor was like no one else’s I’ve ever known. He had a heart as big as the sky, & he loved with every beat of it.  Daniel was always trying to make people laugh, everywhere he went!  He was the guy you’d find playing in the toy section at walmart, or dancing to the music in the grocery store. His children and I were the luckiest people in this world,  to have him to love, and to love us back.

It’s hard to adequately describe this man in 3,000 words or less, it’s impossible really. The words don’t exist .  He lives on in his children, his wife, & his friends….and now he lives on in his organ recipients.

We suffer daily, struggle trying to find answers for why this had to happen, & how we will ever survive the loss of our hero and provider, our protector, our friend…we will find comfort in our memories one day, and we will celebrate his selfless last gift of life to others. That was his wish, and none of us who knew him are surprised he’d do that. THAT is who Daniel was .We are forever proud of him. We love you Bo

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Celebrate the Life of
Daniel Maynard

When you walked through the door at Duke’s that night…my whole world changed. I had no idea the incredible journey we would share. You made my life complete. You were the best husband I could’ve ever imagined. I was lucky. I miss you everyday

Stacey Mar 04 2019

I remember Daniel talking about how pretty his feet were and his accent!! OMG it was country!! Trying to get Google to understand what the hell he was saying into the phone was hilarious. We all laughed so hard. He was a great dad. He was involved and present and the girls were very lucky to have him as a father. We are thinking about you all.

Jennifer Hunt Jan 31 2019

I remember when I came down and yall had no clue I was coming I saw yall stop at that thrift store on the way to y’alls house and I parked beside yall and came inside you recognized me instantly even though I had a beard and you didnt expect it, i told you dont say anything and started talking to mom she didnt recognize me when I asked where the bathroom was and you sat there and laughed with me she said what’s funny I said mom it’s me and you just laughed it was so funny and I will always remember that one dad!

Kyle Jan 28 2019

One of the most prominent memories of BO that stands out for me is him playing basketball with Kyle and Kyle’s friends. He had so much fun doing that.. They all had fun playing. I would be talking to Stacey and I’d ask what they were doing and she would say BO is outside playing basketball with the boys. And when they would play they would joke around . it didn’t matter if it was 9 in the morning or 9 at night..

Carmela Jan 28 2019

Plans fell through for Lydia’s birthday party one year, so on same-day notice I asked him at work to bring Emily and Lauren to pizza hut that evening, so that the girls could at least have dinner with friends in lieu of a party. And he did. No questions asked.

Jennie Jesser Jan 28 2019

I love you dad

Kyle Jan 27 2019

I met Bo only once, while staying a week with my cousin Stacey. It was a difficult time for me, but Bo constantly made me smile. He had a way with words that could get a guard at Buckingham Palace to crack. His sense of humor was my favorite thing about him. He loved his family fiercely, and worked hard to be the man he wanted to be for them. We will all miss you, dear Bo. #SquillySwampwillneverbethesame

Heather VanDenburgh Jan 27 2019

I remember when we would just all chat online. I remember he knew exactly who Stacey was playing scrabble, pool or Farmville with. Lol Or when No would watch the videos I would make and think that me and Stacey were nutty with those edited pics and videos.and he would laugh about them..

Carmela Jan 22 2019

I’m awful with words, but I just wanted to say how much we will miss Daniel at the race. I still doesn’t seem real that he is gone.

Dee Jan 21 2019

I remember the first time we meet Bo I was married to Henry which gave him the nickname Kool-Aid which people call him by that still some only know him by that name lol. We would go hand out and play cards mudding he always acting crazy to make someone laugh telling jokes. He would come hang and play basketball it was like he was part of the family like he belonged there from the start. I of the most funny thing is him and Henry worked at AJ’S and the where so excited about a commercial they had made it started with them playing cards then turned into wwe was the funniest thing ever they where so proud of it we laughed at them so hard. Bo you will be so missed by everyone that knew you. Rip BoBo

Christina Jan 21 2019

Sorry, but the Cowboys still suck. I was rooting for them this year for you! At least we have our GATOR NATION! But they still suck too. Lol I miss carrying on with you and I miss seeing you and your family carrying on. You were a good husband and daddy and it showed in every day, some way, either between your posts or theirs. I didn’t know bo… I wish I had. I knew Daniel. You are missed either way. God speed.

Melissa Jan 20 2019

I remember when dad was at Los Amigos with us like always, his ultimate favorite Mexican restaurant, after he was done eating he’d always lift his shirt and go “rub my belly” in public, always funny and his humor was the best, he protected us from anything, and I’m glad he was in my life, and I’m happy to be his daughter, and I will always be grateful for the things he taught us.

Emily Jan 20 2019

I’ve seen through the pictures and stories posted on Facebook how Daniel always brought smiles to his family’s faces. .It was easy to see how much he loved his family.

Olga Bolin Jan 20 2019

I taught at Head Start for many years and met Stacey through that job. I met Daniel through her, and I doubt he remembered me, but he made an impression on me. My oldest son joined the Marines while I worked there and deployed a few times. I was always devastated. Stacey was a substitute teacher there. I needed a sub to cover for me so I could spend some time with my son. I don’t remember if it was pre-deployment, or post- deployment. What I do remember is talking with Stacey and Daniel in the hallway asking her if she would sub for me. I was explaining why I needed a sub. I remember Stacey having to think through how she could move some things around in her schedule (which she did), and Daniel standing to the side shaking his head like there wasn’t even any answer other than yes. They have always been special to me because of that and I have loved keeping up with them through Facebook even though I live in Louisiana now. I was devastated for their family when I saw the news on Facebook. Not a day has gone by that their family has not been in my thoughts.

Maria Neubert Jan 20 2019

From the first time I met him he treated me like I was his best friend. My brother said he had a friend that need some work on his house cause it had flooded. I went over to help and made a friend. Daniel was always happy and smiling, having fun . He was a great man. I last saw him at a local festival and we made plans to go hunting together sadly that will never happen. The world lost a good man a great father and husband and a fantastic friend. I will miss him as well as anyone that came in contact with him. To his wife and kids stay strong and keep your eyes on the prize and you will see him again.

Brandon Smith Jan 20 2019

I never got to meet Bo, but I knew that if he made my sister happy, he was a good man. His sense of humor was far-reaching and you could tell how proud he was of his family. I don’t, and never will, understand why he had to be taken from this earth far too early. Rest In Peace bro.

Susan Bowcutt Jan 20 2019

I remember this one time we all lived in Arcadia Fl and Todd n I were home with the kids and Todd told Bo and Bulldog to go get something cant remember exactly what it was but it was dark outside n they were scared of the dark n Todd locked the door and they were banging on all the windows try to get in.

Margaret Black Jan 20 2019

BO was an amazing man. Words can not express enough of how tremendous of a loss this really is. He loved my cousin Stacey with every ounce of his being. He was always making them laugh.. Making us all laugh. He brought joy to life itself. Whenever I saw a post from him or about him it never failed to make me smile. I am so proud of all the adversity he was able to overcome and have a happy life with so much success.. I wish you were here BO . I could really use some sound advice. You are forever loved. You will be forever missed. And you will never be forgotten. Thank you for the joy you brought to my cousin Stacey and all 3 kids. Thank you for loving them all .Thank you for being you. Xoxo Fly high and rest easy. With Love Carmela

Carmela Jan 20 2019

My husband and I were in the process of moving after being in the same place for almost 18 years. Daniel came to help us and he stayed til the last thing was unloaded from a 24 foot trailer. I will be forever thankful. He also was a good friend to my son Austin. He will truly be missed.

Debbie Jan 20 2019

Bo was one of a kind and I will always have so much respect for him. The first time I met him I felt like I knew him for years. Like he never met a stranger, and he treated everyone like that. He always had a smile, positive attitude and a joke. But for me the biggest thing is how he reminds me of my dad. Anyone that knows me knows I don’t say that lightly about anyone. His work ethic, his love of his family and his willingness to help others was just beyond measure. The world lost an amazing soul.

Maggie Jan 20 2019

I remember he would call for some help with cutting down tree limbs or bushes or even to help rebuild their home after it flooded. I think mostly that was Stacey in fear of him cutting down a tree and it hitting the house. We would hide around the house and let him use the power tools so Stacey wouldn’t catch us. So Stacey, Kyle, Emily, Lauryn, hold your heads up and remember he is always looking over y’all.

Kevin Smith Jan 20 2019

I remember the first time we met we were going hog hunting and i was wearing all red so you gave me the nick name koolaid and to this day that nick name still remains. We became the BEST OF FRIENDS AND BROTHERS and i couldn’t have asked for a better BROTHER. There are so many memories good and bad and I’m thankful for every one of them… I an still trying to deal with you not being here anymore BROTHER YOU ARE TRULY MISSED AND LOVED BY SO MANY ESPECIALLY ME… I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU MY BROTHER… R.I.P.

Henry Jan 20 2019

I never got to personally meet Bo but I feel like I have known him for forever…oh the stories my husband ( Koolaid ) has told me… Bo was a character…he’s goal was to make everyone laugh and smile and he did just that!!! Stacey, Kyle, Emily and Lauryn we are here for you guys and we love y’all!! Stacey I can’t say I know how you feel but I do know what’s its like to lose a parent!! Being an organ donor was the last thing he could do to help someone…his spirit lives on through the people he helped!!

Kristie Ritchey Jan 20 2019

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